Working Group on Supporter Involvement Development

Following Wednesday’s Scottish FA AGM, Scottish FA members are to declare to the governing body the identity of a club’s ultimate beneficial owner. With this, the Scottish FA will be able to publish the details disclosed under an amendment to Article 11.1.

A recent report revealed that many clubs have ultimatum beneficiaries who supporters have little or no awareness of. Wednesday’s AGM means supporters will be able to uncover who many of the people in charge of their clubs are.

This amendment comes as a response to the Working Group which Supporters Direct Scotland sat on with SportScotland, the SFA, the SPFL and Scottish Government and the amendments will provide enhanced transparency for supporters so they can better understand their clubs’ ownership structures.

Other recommendations include the establishment of Club Development Scotland and the development of the Supporter Liaison Officer programme, both of which we have taken on. A full list of recommendations can be found here.

These recommendations are designed to give supporters greater transparency around the governance and ownership of their clubs and more information so they can best prepare and organise themselves for further involving themselves within the games ownership.