Why register your club as a CASC?

If your sports club is eligible, you can become a community amateur sports club (CASC). You’ll get:

As an example of how your club could benefit from CASC status, see two case studies below.

Bowls ClubSailing Club
Number of members160185
FacilitiesClub house, changing room, bowls green and car parkWater/lake, club house, boat shed and boat park
Total Annual Income£60,000 (no donations)£42,000 (£3,200 donations)
Before CASCAnnual Rates costs = £6,495Annual Rates costs = £4,000
After CASCAnnual Rates costs = £1,299Annual Rates costs = £800
Gift Aid income = £800

Interested in registering as a CASC? Get in touch now and see how we can help with the CASC and Gift Aid registration process.