Sports Clubs and Community Asset Transfers Mapping Exercise



A Community Asset Transfer occurs when a public sector body, usually a local authority, passes on the management and/or ownership of a facility to a community group (such as sports clubs).

Since the expansion of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act in 2015, sports clubs have purchased, leased or used land and buildings that belonged to local authorities (and others) for the benefit of their work.

Club Development Scotland are keen to map instances where sports clubs have undertaken Community Asset Transfers (CATs) in Scotland. This is to help clubs understand the circumstances which have led to CATs taking place and to share best practice, supporting other clubs on the journey. If your club/organisation has undertaken a sport-related CAT, or know of any clubs/organisations that have done so, please fill in this Google form and we will start to populate an open-source map on our website (here).