PODCAST | Climate Change and Football

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This week, in the long-awaited return of Behind The Goals, we talk to James Atkins (twitter.com/footballpsl) – the man behind Planet Super League, a football tournament that brings the family together to help the planet and your football club.

Planet Super League sets a number of different activities for you and your family to do. The more you do, the more points you win for your club, and the higher up the league your club will go. The first PSL season ran at the end of 2020 with Leicester crowned champions, PSL 2 is coming soon, and we’re looking forward to a Scottish PSL later this year to coincide with the COP 26 Climate Change conference being held in Glasgow.

All activities are lockdown-safe, and you’ll learn how to live more sustainably, save some money, have some fun, and compete for prizes and bragging rights. Visit www.planetsuperleague.com to sign up.

James is also the author of “Climate Change for Football Fans: A Matter of Life and Death” – published back in 2010 but even more relevant today than it was then.

Behind The Goals: A Scottish Football Podcast · 49: James Atkins

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