Volunteering is a common term in the community club network, but what does it actually mean and who are volunteers?

Volunteering means individuals giving their time of their own free will and without coercion for no financial reward.

Community clubs will have a number of different volunteer roles; including board or committee members, fundraisers, coaches. Plus, there is often an
army of people who provide refreshments, undertake maintenance and promote the club more widely.

When talking about volunteering it is vital to consider it from both the perspective of the individual volunteering and the organisation receiving their support.

For developing organisations a volunteer network provides access to individuals that have skills, expertise and a passion for supporting their local community. As this resource shows there are obvious financial benefits from having a well developed team of volunteers.

The volunteer gets the opportunity to learn or develop new skills, make and establish friendships with others that share the same community values and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable community sports club. Volunteering can also provide excellent opportunities for work experience.