Social Reporting

Measuring the social impact of your football club is important for a number of reasons, such as:

• It can help you understand where the club can improve in its performance to maximise community benefit

• It can help to articulate the value of the club to important stakeholders like funders and local community groups, leading to a range of benefits such as better partnerships, increased investment and more volunteers

• It can help retain focus on a range of objectives rather than simply judging the club on the success of the senior men’s team (for example)

This is a short guide designed to give you some pointers on easy ways that every club can evaluate the value it is providing to the local community by measuring the social, economic and environmental contributions that they make. The areas identified and the different indicators could be adapted to suit your own club, and serve as an example for how you might measure social value.

This is a hitherto poorly researched area and, with clear data available that can exemplify the positives that clubs do provide, it can bring about a new way for clubs to engage with their communities by explaining the wider social benefits that can be offered.