Facility Development

When we talk about facility development this describes everything from building a new stadium to adding or upgrading existing facilities to a stadium, clubhouse or training area.

In the most extreme examples, facility development is required because a club has lost their ground and is having to play matches on a ground rented from another club, often many miles from their home town and supporter base.

Clubs with their own grounds and training pitches may wish to upgrade existing facilities or add something new like a stand or a 3G pitch.

Facility Development is important for a number of reasons:

• For those clubs “exiled” from their home town it means their supporters have easier access to home games and the club can play a role within the local

• Improving the facilities offered to supporters. For example, the provision of additional seating, facilities for disabled supporters, covered areas or improved toilet facilities enhance the match day experience.

• Developing the clubhouse and other spaces for non match day revenue can provide additional finance streams to clubs improving their financial viability.

• Installing 3G pitches, at a stadium or training area, enables wider community use and generates additional revenue.