Fundraise with Our Club Lotto

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Our Club Lotto

Small club lotteries are a powerful and sustainable way for organisations to raise funds for their core activities or larger projects.

Running a club lottery is time-consuming and has to be done properly. We can provide the easy, low risk and low administration solution to the normally costly and time-consuming process of setting up and running a local lottery for your club.

Decades of experience in administration, commercial operation and technical knowhow of local lotteries is combined to support your fundraising activities through Our Club Lotto which allows you to develop a bespoke lottery.

Designed by experienced users, your own portal is branded to give the feel of your club and to operate in the most effective manner of balancing economic benefits with minimum effort.

We spoke to David Alexander, Operations Manager of Our Club Lotto, in our podcast. We discuss how clubs can develop their own lotteries to raise vital funds to support their work. You can listen to it here or find out more by visiting