Funding: South Lanarkshire Council Community Grants


The main aims of the Community Grants Scheme are to fund activities and projects which bring community benefit and involve people in the community by bringing them together to enjoy educational, recreational, leisure and other community activities or improve local environment.

Organisations running local gala events and summer festivals can apply for financial help and “in kind” assistance in the run up to and during these events. They can provide support for play schemes are run by parents and volunteers to provide activities for children during school holidays.

Fund award sizes

Notes on award amounts: Only one award is made to any group in each financial year. The maximum award available for any one application is normally limited to £1,000 although, to ensure that funding is spread across as many groups as possible, standard awards tend to be lower than £1,000. Up to £600 is available for playschemes.

Who can apply

Constituted organisations in the South Lanarkshire area.


Application form available on the Council website.