Funding Guidance

Sport clubs can look to raise significant capital for funding through their own independent fundraising methods but often there are funders who support community projects and may make suitable funding partners for your project.

Obtaining sufficient funding is often the main requirement and consideration when a Supporters Trust is looking to embark on a project no matter how big or small.

Your club can obtain funding for a variety of projects and there are two distinct types which funders acknowledge: Capital projects usually relate to property and buildings where a project exceeds £50,000. For example, funding facilities such as a 3G pitch being built. They are longer term projects investing in something that depreciates over time. Revenue projects are usually projects where total expenditure is less than £50,000. The costs will normally be to meet community or sporting objectives such as coaching or sports equipment.

Funding is often only available for specific projects in individual regions. Usually, these projects are working with and benefiting certain groups in your community. The funders are only able to fund a limited amount of grants per year and the application process is extremely competitive. Some examples of funders who offer grants for single projects are:

This guidance offers some advice and inspiration in the form of case studies to help guide trusts through potential funding applications.