Free Fundraising Support for your Club

Over recent months, a string of worrying statistics have been published, highlighting the precarious position sports clubs are currently in. 

According to research, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, over 40% of local community sports clubs were either in deficit or just breaking even. Now, 25% find themselves at risk of permanent closure after 18 months of intense difficulty.

Indeed, our own research shows, while before the pandemic just 2% of clubs were making a loss, as of June 2021, this number had grown to 31% of clubs. Furthermore, while pre-COVID 48% of clubs were making a surplus, just 18 months on, this number had reduced to 28% – highlighting the impact COVID has had upon clubs financially. In addition, 16% of the clubs who participated in our survey had doubts they would survive the next six months.

We also know reversing this situation is going to be hard and that the vast majority of sports clubs across the UK are run by volunteers, who are often time-poor. That’s is why we initially started Club Development 5 years ago – to give community clubs a helping hand with the expertise we’ve gained within the sector to date.

It’s also why we’ve produced this free guidance document on fundraising for clubs and are now offering fundraising reviews and light touch support.

Our support includes the following:

  • This free funding guidance document
  • This free fundraising guidance document
  • Registration of clubs with online fundraising platforms
  • Bespoke social media content and promotional materials to encourage your members/supporters to support your fundraising efforts

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