BLOG: Barcelona city and a Culture of Exercise?

My girlfriend and I recently took a week’s annual leave and headed for Barcelona for a short getaway. It’s a city I’d never visited but after our first evening there, I was soon pleased with our decision. The city itself is incredibly well designed and we were able to walk to all our points of interest from the hotel (admittedly we walked around 8 miles a day).

What was of most interest to me was the Catalonia attitude and culture towards health and exercise. They have dedicated lanes for bikes and joggers . As we walked the main streets of the Barcelona, I noticed they featured what I can only describe as street side ‘exercise parks’ with a range of fitness equipment free and easy to access anytime of the day. What was more incredible was people were using them. The idea itself is excellent and something we could further consider introducing into British cities. Barcelona is a busy city with not a huge amount of green land, by making exercise as accessible as possible (right on the main street), we would be reducing barriers to exercise for all (indeed it mostly over 50s and 60s I saw using the equipment). The next question would be whether exercising in such a public venue could be ‘culturally acceptable’?


A gentleman makes use of the free to use exercise bike while Barcelona has dedicated cycling and jogging lanes.