St Mirren Independent Supporters Association:

“The deal for ourselves and Gordon Scott to buy St Mirren was a year in the making, and the team at Club Development Scotland/Supporters Direct were with us from the start.

“The team were on hand with advice and support and we want to thank them for all they did.

“Part of that work included a report into St Mirren’s financial position and the insight and advice we received from their football finance expert Nick Igoe was utterly invaluable at a crucial point in the negotiations.

“Our bid came about because we believed there could be no better owners for our club than the local community – we would encourage any other fan groups who think the same to find out how the Club Development/SD team could help them too.” – Dave Nicol


Annan Athletic:


“We’ve worked very closely with SD and we’ve looked at other clubs and the models available. We’ve determined the CBS model is best for us because 1) the liability is limited to £1 for members and 2) to protect our assets and 3) (and more importantly) is to give everyone a vote on decisions and that confirms our ethos of the society – it’s a true democracy and when this consultation is finished, we’ll be 100% fan owned”.

“The benefit of the CBS model is that every member of the society has a real investment in the club and it breeds an awareness of the club and a willingness for it to succeed. The other advantage is an individual who aspires to be on the board can do so via the structure and can be a real benefit to the club and although its all unpaid, there’s a real good feel good factor because you’re helping the entity succeed.”

“The expertise from Supporters Direct has been immense”. – Phillip Jones, Chairman


Kennoway_Star_Hearts_J.F.CKennoway Star Hearts Football Club:

“From the first contact between us as a Club and Club Development Scotland to the end, the advice, information, and service was superb. We can’t speak highly enough of Andrew and his team and would have no concerns in recommending Club Development Scotland to other clubs and associations. If required, we will certainly be going back.” – Calum Doctor, Chairman