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While Club Development Scotland can’t guarantee success on the pitch, we can show you a route to succeed off it as one of Scotland’s leading sport club consultants.

We know finding the time and expertise to develop, grow and improve your sports club can be difficult. In fact, 54% of people are concerned that their community sports club would struggle to stay running over the long term without support from external organisations.

Furthermore, research has revealed that before COVID-19, over 40% of local community sports clubs were either in deficit or just breaking even. The pandemic has put over 25% of community clubs at risk of permanent closure. 

However, help is at hand. We offer guidance and support to enable the development of sustainable community sports clubs that win for all.

We bring unrivalled experience having helped sports groups raise more than £50 million in funding and can typically help a club raise an extra 25% in revenue.

If your club is interested in community asset transfers, charitable status, incorporation, gift aid, raising capital or developing facilities, we can help with our network of highly experienced, qualified and licensed practitioners. As a social enterprise, our fees are very reasonable.

However, don’t just take our word for it, check out our clients and testimonials to see who we’re supporting and what they’re saying about our work!



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"Shifting the all-English final from Istanbul would reduce carbon emissions but there is still a lack of long-term thinking from Uefa when it comes to doing the right thing"


British Wheelchair Basketball has announced it is launching the world’s first Women’s Premier League. The new competition will also be the first professional para-sport league in the UK.

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The community work delivered by football clubs across the country is one of the “key mechanisms” in building stronger, healthier and more cohesive communities, according to the Chair of the English Football League.

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