Fundraising is a vital aspect of any club and Supporters Trust’s remit and questions of how to effectively fundraise, sources of funding and suitable projects for clubs and Trusts to raise funds for is one that is debated widely throughout the movement.

Fundraising helps your group raise money for activities and suitable community projects, to increase reserves, fund purchases, buy equipment, develop facilities or in the case of Supporters Trusts increase of shareholdings at a club or, in some cases, help take ownership of clubs.

Fundraising can also be a great way for both Trusts and clubs to increase their profile within community around them. A fundraising project can also be a fantastic way to bolster the objects of a group with members and nonmembers alike. It can increase membership and encourage wider engagement from the community on projects.

Supporters Direct have put together a fundraising guide to offer some ideas and suggestions as to the best way forward when your Trust is planning its next fundraising drive.

You may want to consider a crowdfunding campaign if you’re trying to raise funds for a specific project. Check out our own crowdfunding platform, Build a Winning Club, and see what we can do for you.