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Membership Development

When we talk about membership we are referring to the people who either pay an annual subscription to be part of their club, or have paid a subscription for life membership. In community clubs the members are the club owners and therefore have an opportunity to influence how the club is run.

In a community club, developing the membership is important for a variety of reasons. Of course, the fees paid by members are a vital source of income, but the membership also provides the club with a wider network of people who may be willing to assist the club through volunteering.

Many community owned clubs have members from outside of their usual catchment area of support and, in some cases, have people who never attend a match including some living abroad. Some clubs have developed membership offers that attract people from within the local community who have no interest in football, but do align themselves with the community values of the club.

This resource has been developed as a guide to assist clubs in developing their membership, it signposts other useful resources and provides a short case study.