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Community Ownership

Community Ownership

‘Community Ownership’ is a phrase that has become popular when talking about clubs. Lots of clubs do lots of great things in their community, and many supporters feel like they ‘morally own’ their Club, but when Club Development Scotland talks about ‘community ownership’ we mean that;

A minimum of 50% +1 of the voting rights of the Club to be controlled collectively by a democratic entity which has an open and inclusive membership.

‘Democratic’ to mean the membership of the entity to work on a one member one vote principle

‘Inclusive’ to mean that there are no substantial barriers to participate as a voting member, with membership open to all that are sympathetic to the aims of the Club.

Any profits are reinvested back into the Club as opposed to being distributed to shareholders.

The Club is committed to running as a sustainable business.

We believe that community clubs offer greater social value value and could bring larger net benefit to society. It’s not to say that other forms of ownership don’t work and should be ignored, but our research suggests that Community Ownership opens up a number of benefits to a Club that are much harder to achieve or not possible to achieve in a privately owned Club.

If you’re a community group looking to take ownership of a professional sport club or sporting asset and are seeking support in doing so, get in touch to see how we can help you.