Scottish Athletics

Scottish Athletics

Since March 2019, we have been delighted to be working with Scottish Athletics to provide support to their member clubs around reviewing legal structures and incorporation in the following areas:

  • Preparing constitution
  • Draft special resolution for AGM/EGM notice
  • Submit SCIO application, constitution and charity trustee declaration forms to OSCR
  • Process of transferring assets, undertakings and liabilities, where required
  • Support to dissolve the unincorporated club
AM Soccer Club

AM Soccer Club

We are an ongoing support agency to AM Soccer Club, a Fife based charitable football club.

To date, we’ve helped the club benefit through:

  • Registration and claiming Gift Aid with HMRC
  • Applying for grant funding to support and develop their activities
  • The implementation of new membership and payment management systems

Since Club Development Scotland been working with AM Soccer, the club’s turnover has increased 32%.